Pier Paolo Calzolari at Marianne Boesky


Pier Paolo Calzolari: Abstract in Your Home

I loved seeing Calzolari’s work in this gallery. The architectural elements of the space, the plaster walls and the lighted sconces above the fireplace seem to be in dialogue with the work, and reminded me of some of his own pieces that use similar sconce lights and candles. It was a really subtle and poetic exchange between the work and the space. I really enjoyed the text pieces and their simplicity yet with these surfaces (made of salt and flannel fabric) that look like the text was lightly pressed in snow or soft jeweled stone. I found the sculptures mesmerizing, they all seemed so tentative yet like they’ve existed for thousands of years (well, besides the neon lights and small modern motors). Belt’s slight movement looked like the sculpture was dancing a humorous and elegant dance. Really really great show.

untitled (scarpetta) 1994

untitled (scarpetta) 1994

Belt, 1974

Belt, 1974

Untitled, 1979,lead, iron, oysters, glass. oil

Untitled, 1979,
lead, iron, oysters, glass. oil


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